Connie Ditto is a seasoned litigation attorney and a mediator. Her practice focuses on forming businesses, assisting with issues that arise through formal and informal disputes, and resolving pre-suit and litigation matters as a mediator. Her empathetic but firm personality and years of experience on both sides of the docket make her a zealous advocate and a skilled mediator.

Connie loves to teach and mentor and is a frequent presenter on legal, dispute resolution, and business topics. She is a member of the Austin Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education Committee. She is also a career and community leader, and is a member of the Austin Bar’s 2022 Leadership Academy and a current candidate for election as a council member on the Lakeway City Council. She frequently volunteers on an ad-hoc basis and enjoys doing so with her two young sons. Connie supports many philanthropic organizations including Manos de Cristos, the Ronald McDonald House, the Lake Travis Labor of Love 12:31 Program, and the Lake Travis Education Foundation.

Connie grew up in the Midwest, graduating first in her high school class in 1999. She met her husband while in college in 2002 at a summer internship for nursing students at the Mayo Clinic, and moved to Dallas, Texas upon graduating at the top of her nursing class from Purdue University. She completed the Critical Care and Trauma Nursing Internship at Parkland Hospital, working in the emergency and trauma departments, and the neurological, surgical, and burn intensive care units. She made her home as a Registered Nurse in the medicine intensive care unit until she moved to Chicago, Illinois for law school at Loyola University Chicago. Connie completed her last year of law school at the University of Tennessee, and worked at a prestigious Knoxville health law firm after graduation.

Since moving to Texas in 2011, Connie has worked at litigation firms in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. Connie’s litigation and dispute resolution practice spans a wide array of fields, including health law, privacy, commercial business disputes, and employment law. She began working with Amy and Jana in 2021, and joined the firm as partner in 2022.